Thursday, January 28, 2016

Console table talk

I don't know why but our family room just keeps stumping me. 
I guess that's what separates the wannabe interior decorators (me!) from the real deal professionals (not me!) haha. 
Every decision I've made in this room has been sloooooow and has me second guessing myself. 
Like what to do with the big blank wall that you pass by as you walk through the family room from the kitchen to the foyer?
It's a narrow space that couldn't take any piece of furniture that was deeper than 15 inches.
I searched and searched for a console table and finally went with this West Elm one:

Yay! A decision made.
But then came decorating it.
Stumped again. For months.
I blamed it on pregnancy brain. 
Then I had the baby and still was stumped, haha!
So I blamed it on mommy brain. 
Whatever brain it was, I think the fog has lifted a little and this console table is now starting to look presentable!
At least I think...there goes the indecisiveness again.

I didn't want to clutter it up so it's pretty simple.
A lamp and framed art from Home Goods, some coffee table books, a wire basket (that was serving as a light fixture in our laundry closet), a throw blanket, and a plant.

I hope you are having more of a decision-filled day than I!
Thanks for stopping by!
- Caitlin


  1. Love it so much!! You styled it perfectly.

  2. I love it!! I have this, and like most of the areas in my house... i feel stumped (Like you said, seperates the wannabes from the real pros)... I am going to take your decoration of the console and try that at home for myself!!


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