Monday, November 23, 2015

Guess where I found this fiddle leaf fig?

Back in September, I shared how I was giving the fiddle leaf fig tree another try.
We originally had one in our bedroom but for various reasons, it didn't make it more than a couple months.
I'm happy to report though that our living room fiddle leaf fig tree is still doing well!
So much so, that I gained some confidence to get a smaller version for our dining room:

You might be surprised where I picked this one up (for less than $20).
On a whim, I searched for it on Home Depot's website, which I had done in the past but it was always out of stock.

However, it's available now and was delivered much sooner than the projected delivery date.

I'll admit, I was a little skeptical about getting a plant (especially one so sensitive as the fiddle leaf fig) delivered in the mail. But, the reviews were really good and I was willing to chance the small cost.

And it was a chance worth taking because it arrived safely and looking very healthy!

I'm definitely no expert on plants or keeping them alive but our fiddle leaf fig tree in the living room has been happy with us so I plan on just following the same regimen with this one: water once a week on the same day using the same amount of water. I use a coffee carafe full of water for the tree, so for this smaller plant, I'm using about half of that. I'm also making sure that the plant isn't sitting in any water to avoid root rot. 

I love how it adds some life to this corner of our dining room and hope it stays happy and healthy.
Fingers crossed.

Thanks for checking in!
- Caitlin

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  1. It looks so lush and green, it's absolutely thriving! We added a lemongrass plant to our dining room and it got so huge in just three months, I just bought a marble plant stand to showcase it. I love the way healthy plants look in the kitchen and dining room. Yours looks beautiful!


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