Thursday, September 24, 2015

The finicky fiddle leaf fig

So...I'm giving the fiddle leaf fig tree another try.

Last summer we bought one for our bedroom but it didn't last very long at all.
Maybe a few months?
It was probably all our fault. 
Between being driven home from the nursery in a jeep convertible (driver of the car shall remain nameless), then being placed underneath an AC vent (I'll own up to that one), and probably under-water and over-watered, our sensitive tree wasn't given the respect it deserved!

Take 2. 
I'm giving it another crack at it, this time in a nice sunny corner of our living room not underneath an AC vent.

I just love the way they look and think this tree brings life to this corner of the room.

 I vow to be more respectful this time.
She (plants are she, aren't they?) was carefully driven home in a car with a roof and gently placed in our living room.

I've designated a day of the week (Wednesdays) to watering her so that she won't get too dry and will give her the same amount of water each time (one coffee carafe).  

Maybe I'll even give her a little pep talk each week, haha!
Isn't there research that shows that plants respond positively to human conversation?

Either way, my fingers are crossed and my ears are open if you have advice on keeping these trees alive and kicking.

- Caitlin


  1. I am about to try to keep one alive too! Where did you get the basket to put the tree in? I am searching for one now. Good luck this time around - I am rooting for you!

    1. Good luck to you too! Sending positive fiddle leaf vibes you way. The basket is from a garage sale but Target sells this large one (you could cut off the chalkboard sign on it or turn it around):

  2. Have you seen this post from HouseTweaking? I haven't tried to care for a fiddle leaf fig, but she seems to have some great tips here.

    1. No but just read it now! Thanks for passing along. Had to laugh that she refers to her tree as a "he" and mine is referred to as a "she". I don't feel so crazy talking to mine now if she's heard that singing to it helps! Thanks again.

  3. Cute basket and try to keep this one alive :) :) :)

  4. She's a beauty – and she looks perfectly content in your sunny-but-not-too-sunny corner. I'm guessing she'll thrive in your lovely home!

    I was just thinking about getting one to stage my home, but your post reminded me that fig trees can be pretty fickle. (Thanks for saving me from myself!)

  5. I just bought another small one as one of mine is on its last leg. They're so tricky, but like you mentioned add so much life to a room. Good luck with your plant.


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