Sunday, September 20, 2015

The price is right rug

Today I'm sharing a recent purchase for our guest house makeover that I am so happy with!
This Pier 1 rug that I planned on buying would have cost me around $450 (we need a large rug to fit the scale of the wide nightstands). 

That price was not in our budget. 

So, I shopped around a little and after reading really good reviews on Rug USA's Maui Chunky Loop Bleached Rug and reading this blog review on it (she even gives tips on how to clean it) AND having a friend of mine who has it in her dining room also confirm it's a good buy, I went ahead and bought it for more than half the cost (it was 80% off at my time of purchase).

I followed the recommendations of many and shook the rug out outside as best as I could to free any loose fibers and gave it a good vacuuming. 

Here it is in the guest house:

I love the bleach color and how it lightens up the whole room.

I actually love it so much that I am thinking of buying it for our dining room!
By the way, it comes in lots of different colors so if you're on the lookout for an affordable but great jute rug, this is worth your while!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

- Caitlin


  1. I am a lover of sisal rugs too, but have been burned by their lack of comfort to your feet. I even had an expensive one from a big name company (starting with a P) that my family hated. Besides the discomfort, ANYTHING wet left a pink pot and the directions said it couldn't be cleaned. I even tried a rug cleaning company that stated they will not accept natural fiber rugs. So here is my big question, when you have had to clean an area with a spill, how did the fiber react to the dampness? Its always a lot of money if it can be ruined easily with any spill!

    1. Hi Linda! I will say this rug is pretty soft on bare feet. Since this one is new, I haven't had any spills or messes on it yet (fingers crossed) but it is in a guest house so the traffic is low and will not have much interaction with food. That said, if there is a spill or stain that needs to be treated, I plan on following Jen of My City Farmhouse advice (see here: She's a blogger whose opinion and advice I trust! You could even reach out to her regarding how the fibers react to the dampness after being cleaned.

  2. Hey Caitlin,

    I am in the market for a new dining room rug and love the look of this one. Does it need a pad underneath?

    1. Hi! I just got this rug for my dining room and didn't put a rug pad down. Our dining room table is heavy and there are 6 chairs so I don't need one and you probably don't need one either.


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