Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bringing the built-ins back to life

Lately, I've been refreshing the look of our living room built-ins. It started with a much needed fresh coat of white paint. Then, we added simple doors to conceal the TV. Now it's all about the accessories. 
Due to a clutter-free/less is more mood, I've been keeping it simple with a few photographs on each shelf and a couple accessories here and there.

Below you will find a look at some of the shelves that are feeling complete and a source list at the end of the post sharing where everything came from.

I like how this clock is big enough to fill up the space on the top shelf.
The price can't be beat either!

I've wanted to have more photos displayed around our home and the built-ins are the perfect place for them. I needed about 7 of these gray stained frames so it was a good thing that just like the clock, the frames were cheap cheap cheap.

Any Donovan Frankenreiter fans out there?
This wood crate holds some of our favorite records.

Paint is an amazing thing.
I was about to get rid of the large frame pictured below on the left because it was an odd blue color that didn't really fit in any part of our house. 
Instead of tossing it, I painted it white and now it fits in perfectly.

Source list:

galvanized clock: Target
large gray frames: Target
camera: garage sale
books: garage sale
galvanized tins: Michaels
crate on wheels: garage sale
topiary: garage sale
large white frame: Home Goods
gray wood and metal frame: Target
3 white photograph frame: garage sale but found here from Pottery Barn
large suitcase: garage sale
small suitcase: Home Goods

Thanks for stopping by!
- Caitlin


  1. That picture of Charlie is so adorable! I'm loving the less is more as well these days.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Can you believe it was taken with my iPhone??


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