Wednesday, January 22, 2014

i HEART easy projects

It is insane how quickly time passes by! 
It feels like we were just celebrating Christmas and now it is almost Valentine's Day.
Usually I don't decorate for this holiday and I am pretty sure Chris wouldn't stand for pink hearts and cupids all over the house, so I decided to try my hand at a not-too-girly Valentine's Day decoration. 

All it took was an old garage sale book that was sitting on our living room built-ins and tearing out a few pages. I folded each page in half and cut out a heart.

Then I poked holes on each end of the hearts and strung twine through.

Here's the garland hung on the mirror above the living room fireplace.
I also placed some extra hearts along the mantel.

I like it because it is subtle, goes with the look of the room, and didn't cost me anything!

Thank you for dropping by!
- Caitlin

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