Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh "sew" easy x-mas stockings

Last year when I saw these burlap Christmas stockings from this Etsy shop, I immediately wanted them.
But then I thought...why not make them myself and save ourselves a few bucks?
 So that's just what I did (with some help from my mom and her sewing skills of course). 
I swear I am learning to sew in 2014.

So here is my version of those coveted Etsy ones:

All in all it was pretty easy to do.
I bought some burlap at a fabric store. It's pretty cheap per yard.
Then, I traced and cut out a pattern of the stocking out of cardboard.

Once the burlap was cut from the pattern, I put two pieces of it together and my mom quickly stitched the sides on her sewing machine. If you can't sew like me, you could probably hand-stitch it. 

As for the details, I didn't have a pretty crystal brooch like the Etsy one but I did have the one pictured below that was all different colors. Nothing a little gold spray paint can't fix.

Using pinking shears, I cut squares from white fabric and wrote names using a fabric pen.
Yes, our dog Rosie gets her own stocking. She is a member of the family after all. 

Ah! A big thank you to Lindsey from Better After for another feature!
- Caitlin


  1. Caitlin,
    Caught you on Better After yesterday and got hooked! Have now read each and every post. Must say I love your style! You are now in my daily read!


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