Saturday, August 1, 2015

Oh deer... A partial DIY and a look at the playroom built-ins

Charlie's playroom is coming right along and today I'm sharing what I've done on the built-ins.

In the center is what I'm calling a partial DIY.
No, no...I didn't cut cardboard myself to construct this deer head (although I saw this tutorial for the ambitious ones out there). 
Instead, I bought it here and it was quick and easy to assemble.

Once I hung it up, it looked a little puny in the spot.
So to beef it up at bit, I bought the wood plaque from Michaels (similar here), stained it, and glued Bucky (that's the deer's name) to it.

You might notice that his antlers are a slightly different shade of white than his head.
I originally painted the antlers blue but then decided I didn't like them that way and painted them back to white.
But now looking at the pictures, I'm thinking I want them painted again!
That's the indecisive Gemini in me. 

Below Bucky is this outlet and I'm considering getting some kind of stereo like this one.
We're big into having music playing a lot of the time and I think it would be fun to have some music on in the playroom.

As for the rest of the shelves, they were fun and easy to put together.

I found this oversized metal arrow at Home Goods and picked up these succulents from Trader Joe's.

This canvas painting (which sort of reminds me of a bullseye) was done by yours truly.
The circles are not perfect but who cares!

These blue and white baskets that I found at Home Goods look pretty similar to these more expensive ones (but currently on sale) from Serena & Lily
As for the metal letters, I picked them up from Michaels for about $7 each.

So that's all for now on the playroom (unless you missed this DIY project I did in here last week)
I'll share more soon, including how my DIY teepee came out!

- Caitlin


  1. Cadence and Williams Mommy :-)August 5, 2015 at 1:59 PM

    LOVE IT!!! The deer head is such a good idea and I really like those PLAY letters! I may have to go run and get them for our playroom too!! xo

    1. Hehe thanks Christine! You should get them, I think they are 50% off now!


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