Thursday, January 22, 2015

The armoire that broke...but not the bank!

We've been wanting a more substantial piece of furniture for this wall in our bedroom for a while now.
What we had was nice but a little too small for the space:

We searched a bit on Craigslist for an armoire but every time we found one we liked, we discovered it would be too large to fit up the staircase and tricky to get down the hallway of our house (that's what you get when your house is from the 1860s).

Until we finally found this one for a really good price:

We measured and were fairly certain it would fit getting it into our room.
Emphasis on fairly because it was a close one.

It took four of us to hoist it up the staircase and over the banister with only a few dings and chips to the walls and woodwork. Down the hallway it went almost skimming the ceiling and walls. Literally steps before our bedroom it got stuck. Then, it fell apart...into about 10 pieces!

Don't believe me?
Here are a couple pictures I snapped with my phone when it actually started to resemble an armoire again:

Luckily Chris and my dad are handy (and optimistic) and were able to piece it back together and repair it to the point where it might even be sturdier than it was originally.

The whole fiasco of getting this thing into our room was a headache but one that was worth it and we were able to laugh about later over a glass of wine. I love the shutter doors and really like how the armoire picks up on the color of the bamboo shades.

P.S. If you are wondering what happened to our fiddle leaf fig tree, take a wild sad!

- Caitlin


  1. Gorgeous piece of furniture! Lol I thought you just moved the fiddle leaf fig to another spot. Guess not (insert sad face).

    1. Thank you! Well, technically the fiddle leaf fig has been moved to another spot, out in our guest house to, as my mom put it, "die a slow and painful death". It still has some leaves so we're giving it water but we'll see what comes of it. Maybe it will make a comeback but probably not. Those are fickle plants to keep alive!

  2. haha i like this post. and i want that armoire!


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