Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Is it really October?

So we recently returned from a nice long week away at the beach. The weather was perfection (minus one rainy day that we made the most of by spending it at the wineries) and having quality time together was the best.

The house we stayed in (I shared a few peeks here) was so cute, it made me want to re-decorate our whole house. I took a bunch of pictures but I have misplaced my USB cord to upload them to share (boo-hoo). A new one has been ordered so as soon as it arrives, I'll share some more shots of the house.

Anyway, I think the mild weather at the beach tricked me into thinking it was still summer because I was shocked to realize it's October this week and officially fall.

I haven't really begun decorating for fall yet (oops).
I seriously feel so behind, it just might be Christmas by the time I get around to it 
(kidding...I hope).
While I get my act together, I'm sharing some fall looks around our house from last year (just click on the descriptions to be taken to the post).

I can't wait to get started on adding some fall looks around our house.

I was sort of M.I.A. this past week on the blog. 
It was a nice break and I am going to take on a slower pace for a while. After posting every other day for the past 16 months, I'm feeling a tad burned out and plan on one or two posts a week. Hopefully you still drop by to see what's going on over here!

Thanks :)
- Caitlin

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  1. Oh no! I loved checking up on your blog every day! Sad to see you slow down, but I can't blame you. Blogs are hard work!



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