Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm going going back back to Jersey Jersey

I mention my mom (a.k.a. the garage sale guru) in practically every post so I thought it would be nice to share some shots of my parents' house. Their house is the only house I grew up in and was the location of our wedding reception! 

Every time I go there, I get inspired by their decorating and usually end up leaving with a carload of garage sale goods that my mom has accumulated for me.

At the top of the driveway, they have this antique wagon wheel.

It's a useful landmark to help visitors find the house. 
I heard the phrase "look for the white wagon wheel" many times during my childhood.

Right before the wedding, they had this front porch built.

And here is a shot of their backyard on our wedding day.

This back porch was also built right before our wedding and has now become the favorite hangout spot in the house.

Check out the ceiling.

Now a peek inside...

Does this scale look familiar? Chris and I copied my parents and put one up in our kitchen as well.

Some shots around the den...

Below is one of my personal favorites of the house. 

The house also has a great fireplace. 
It is over 100 years old and was the backdrop for some wedding photos!

Their master bedroom was the room I got dressed in for our wedding.

Who's the favorite child? 
Just kidding :)

My mom recently re-decorated one of the guest bedrooms and I think it turned out great! 
The wall color is Behr's Sculptor Clay by the way.

Obviously my mom made those blue and white pillows herself. 
Wouldn't expect anything less!

Favorite grand dog? 
Also kidding :)

Below are some shots of one of the bathrooms.
Not only does she make pillows but curtains as well. 
This fabric is recycled from the table runners at our wedding.

There have been more memories in this house than I can count and it will be a bittersweet day if and when they sell their house (unless of course they move closer to us in Connecticut in which case it will be one of the best days ever). 

Love you mom & dad!


  1. What color is that in the bathroom? And thanks for the "suggestion" on Behr Sculptor Gray:-)

    1. Hi, that bathroom has been painted since then but I believe the color was Country Dairy by Behr.


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